Full Length Albums:

The Beginning is actually our Clay Lambs CDR and our self titled release on OSR Tapes plus a few unreleased songs. The Beginning has 20 tracks, including several that were previously unreleased.
The Gold City Singer's Companion Forgets is another 20 song release by Cheri's Records in Burlington, VT. It was released in the fall of 2011. It is available through Cheri's Records.
Butter On The Trestle is half of a split album, the other half being The Lost Adventures of the Space Patrolers by Pliable Tones. It was released in the spring of 2013.


The Gold Friends 7" includes 4 songs off of The Beginning. It had been decided that a 45 must be made, and so it came to fruition on a cold autumn day. Antiquated Future has it for sale.
Another New Fred was released in 2014 on floppy disk for Wrieuw Records in the U.K.. You can find it here.

We have soundtracked several short films with Team MALONE! Here's a semi comprehensive list:

Timeshare (48 hour film slam)
Where the Red Blood Flows (48 hour film slam)
Of Heist and Men (48 hour film slam)
Deadly Games of Revenge (48 hour film slam)
The Bristlemen (48 hour film slam)
Winner of Discontent
The Hard Reboot (48 hour film slam)
The Further Adventures of The Cybronaut (48 hour film slam)
The Feminine Perspective (48 hour film slam)

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