The Caring Babies are a pop duo. They formed in September of 2008 on the border of Vermont and New Hampshire. At the time, Matt was playing guitar for Real Life Time Machines. Redgei was living in Matt's parent's basement suite, but they often went out for donuts. On one special fateful night, they both decided that someone had to start a new band, and it might as well be them.
Art by Matt and Redgei
They managed to get a show at nearby Dartmouth College, and due to the warm reception, have continued to play live ever since. A music scene in Burlington, VT soon became the catalyst for the band's character. Bands like Nose Bleed Island, Rats Cops, Son Of Salami, and The Lawrence Welks & Our Bear To Cross were more than supportive, and welcomed the Babies onto many bills. Nearer to home, The Main Street Museum (in White River Junction, VT) has also played a significant role in their development. They have hosted the band many times.
Matt and Redgei in an album photo shoot
Matt and Redgei are the bands two main members. Matt sings and plays piano sometimes, and has a beard sometimes. Redgei likes sugar cubes and vegetables. She plays the computer. They both think their music is cool.

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